Li-Fi – The WiFi Ultimate Upgrade – Everything You Need To Know

Everything You Need to Know about Li-Fi

The WIFIs Ultimate Upgrade – the LIFI or Light Fidelity

LI-Fi or light fidelity the definition is what exactly is the name is. This technology uses Light to transfer data – using your common LED light bulb you can now transfer of up to 244 Giga bit of data per second! Now your ordinary light bulk isn’t just a light bulb anymore.

Li-Fi was invented by the University of Edinburgh Professor Herald Haas. Haas did his researched for 4 amazing years built the first Li-Fi company that provides Light Communication Technology.

Li-Fi Versus Wi-Fi

Basically, these two technologies share the same uses. They aim to provide wireless communication electromagnetically. The only difference is that Wifi uses radio waves to transmit data while the Li-Fi uses as we have mentioned a light specifically an LED light bulb.

Another difference is that Li-Fi is so much faster than Wi-Fi about 300x faster than the current Wi-Fi routers available. It boasts a total of 224 GPBS of transfer speed.

Li-Fi Big Disadvantage

Yes, Li-Fi has a big disadvantage over the Wi-Fi. Li-Fi uses light to transfer data right? So if there’s no light then there’s no transmission of data being done. In other words, you cannot use Li-Fi if you are not directly in sight of the light bulbs effective radius of range.

No light then basically there’s no internet if you are using Li-Fi. Imagine if you are on your bed and wanted to use the internet but then you cannot use it because you need to turn on the lights. Wi-Fi should be a practical use.

Additionally, Li-Fi cannot pass through walls because again it’s using light to transmit data.

It’s not all sad you know. Remember the speed of 224 Giga bit per second? That should wipe your tears and forget its disadvantages. Good luck looking for the internet service provider that offers that speed though. LOL.

Let’s just say Li-Fi is not for home use.

What is Bitcoin and How to Use It

Everything you Need to Know about BitCoin

The BitCoin – Digital Currency

Technology has been advancing at a rapid rate in contemporary times, extending its reach to several spheres of human life. It has become an everyday part of our lives, simplifying our tasks and responsibilities. Now, the fiscal world has also been touched by modern science.

While credit and debit cards have been gradually making liquid cash redundant for a long time now, as has online banking, the new form of the digital transaction comes in the form of mobile wallets that is all the rage right now, amongst the masses. They make money safer, more portable and easily available anytime, anywhere.

What exactly is Bitcoin?

The term “digital currency” has become very popular, of late. Well, that is exactly what Bitcoin is. It is, basically, a virtual wallet that serves the exact same functions as real, tangible money would. It helps the users engage in monetary transactions, such as buying or selling goods and services, or simply, lending or borrowing money. It eliminates the hassle of change, banks, and credit cards from the equation. It is the safest option for those, who deal with large sums of money, as it attracts less unwanted attention.

The best part about Bitcoin, however, is that since it is not affiliated with any Governments, banks, or extra-governmental agencies or institutions, it grants the users complete anonymity. The main grounds of distinction between Bitcoins and conventional money, which are also the reasons why it is much safer, are that it is decentralized, and has an open source, which, in layman’s terms, means that the entire Bitcoin operation is controlled and regulated by the users themselves. It is an entirely autonomous system.

Moreover, due to its peer-to-peer interface, all forms of monetary exchange proceeds in between the users, only. There is no regulatory authority, or supervisory figure to compromise the privacy of the persons involved in the exchange. The transactions are recorded in a public bookkeeping ledger, known as a blockchain, making it easier for users.

How to Use It?

It is incredibly easy to get started on your own Bitcoin journey. Once you are fully thorough with the whole concept of digital currency, which is very much recommended because it is not exactly the same as the traditional currency, the first thing that you need to do is set up a Bitcoin wallet. There is a whole range of quality options when it comes to Bitcoin wallets, and you need to choose one that is compatible with computers, or cell phones, or both, depending on your individual requirement. Again, it is vital that you take the time to become fully aware of the options so that you can choose the best one for you.

The next step is to input Bitcoins in your account. You can do this by selling goods or services in exchange for Bitcoin or buying them from an acquaintance, or by engaging in a direct transaction with the bank, where you have an account already. Similarly, in order to sell Bitcoins, you need to dispose of them either in exchange for goods and services or money. Make sure that the people you choose to send your Bitcoins too are trustworthy because these transactions cannot be undone.

However, you must ensure the safety of your wallet by securing it via backups, using from secure locations, and by adopting other such safe practices.

Is it legal?

Bitcoin is not like other virtual wallets. The terms and conditions of its use are a bit different and slightly complicated. Bitcoin is absolutely legal in most countries across the world, except for a few that includes Ecuador, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, and Bolivia. However, since Bitcoin is still in operation, despite its experimental status, the rules and regulations that accompany its use vary from country to country.

Bitcoins fall in the gray area between monetary holdings and non-fiscal possessions. However, since it is something that benefits the user materially and can be used as an adequate substitute for tangible currency, it is considered taxable in certain countries and regions. Hence, it is recommended that users of Bitcoin, especially those who are still relatively new to the whole practice, consult a qualified accountant to assess the tax status of their Bitcoin accounts.

Certain countries such as Russia and Argentina have imposed very rigid embargos on foreign currency, even via Bitcoins. In other countries, like Thailand, restrictions have been enacted on the licensing of transactions using Bitcoins.

The perks of using Bitcoins in a world, where financial crimes and fraudulent activities to scam people out of their money is on the rise, is that it is much safer. Bitcoins cannot be duplicated so that the chances of counterfeit currency arising on a platform like Bitcoins is no more.

How to Make Money From It?

The possibility of earning money via Bitcoin is a reality, and this can be done by something known as “Bitcoin mining” and “buying and selling”. This, essentially, entails:

·         The electricity, on which Bitcoin miners operate, earns them new Bitcoins every ten minutes. Yes ten minutes, well that is before the currency exploded. Now you can only mine few in a month. Everything depends anyway on how expensive your setup is. Look at this Russian Bitcoin Mining Farm they earn millions of dollars monthly.

Bitcoin Mining Farm

·         The rate of Bitcoin mining fluctuates, due to market forces. If the demand for Bitcoin rises, so does the price, and if the supply exceeds the demand, the price falls. Currently, it is at 12.5 BTC for each block.

·         It is very easy to get started with Bitcoin mining. All one needs to do, is to run software with the help of a specialized hardware.

·         The ceiling on the production of Bitcoins has strictly been set at 21 million Bitcoins. The production of Bitcoins cannot be controlled by any intermediary forces, such as the Government, as and when they deem fit. It is absolutely decentralized.

·         Nowadays, Bitcoin mining requires ASIC-based machines, which are very expensive and not easily accessible. This is why the mining process has now become difficult for individuals to achieve.

·         Mining becomes, especially fruitful when the Bitcoin prices are surging or are expected to surge. This can allow the users to make a large profit of margin by engaging in Bitcoin mining.

·         This process is secured, as Bitcoin protocol does not process erroneous data. So, no one can corrupt the mining feed of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Buying and Selling – Basically, if you know how the Stock market works then you have it all understood. Technically, you buy Bitcoin on its lowest price then apply the technicals then sell when you are happy.

The 5 Best PayPal Alternatives 2017

PayPal Not an Option? No Problem!

Best PayPal Alternative in 2017

Cashless transactions for goods and services have become quite common nowadays. Not only is the process easier and more convenient, but faster as well. Plus, you get some great benefits depending upon the online payments system. Right now, the most popular name in this industry is PayPal. Who hasn’t heard of it? But there are some great alternatives available online for users who either cannot access their PayPal account or are unable to make PayPal payments especially those countries on their blacklist. The truth is, PayPal is not entirely devoid of flaws. For example, the service works fine when smaller amounts are concerned, but larger transactions attract larger fees. International payments can also be a hassle due to the huge premium and high overhead attached to accepting international payments. So, if you wish to protect your cash flow and limit your expenses, there are options other than PayPal.

However, before you pick a random online payment system, you have to understand that not all of them will fulfill your requirements or offer the best deals. You need to exercise caution and discretion in regards to which PayPal alternative is charging you nominal fees. A few of the payment processors tend to levy hidden fees, which makes it important to review the whole fee schedule so you can make an informed decision. Take a look at the features on offer and see if the provider is offering everything you need, such as subscription services, recurring billing, point of sales support, and others. Check whether you are able to customize the API and integrate with other apps so that all of them work smoothly together. If you look closely on subreddit about PayPal Alternative you could the best option for you.

Note: These payment processors are probably new to you. Yes because it’s 2017.

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Always remember that it’s your money and it is up to you to pick the service that provides you the best value. So, without further ado, take a look at the best PayPal alternatives of 2017 below:

  1. Stripe

Stripe PayPal alternative

Stripe has slowly emerged as one of the biggest competitors of PayPal and with good reason. Not only does this online payments system provide users with a smooth and simple interface, but it supports quick transfers into your bank account along with complete payment integration. Setting up Stripe on your mobile or laptop is quick and easy, and you can get the hang of the service in a short time. Bank account transfers occur very fast with Stripe, and you get the money in a span of two days after receiving payment. It can be integrated completely with other third-party services. The best part is that it is supported by over 300 other applications. There are multiple options of payment for the customers. The service accepts payment through different credit cards and debit cards, along with Android Pay, Bitcoin, and Apple Pay. International customers will be happy to know that Stripe does not charge any additional fees for international payments. People in the US have to pay a flat fee of 2.9 percent of each transaction via Stripe, as well as an extra 30c in case for every transaction. The service does not have any other hidden expenses or transaction processes.

  1. Transferwise

TransferWise PayPal Alternative

If you receive a lot of international payments and wish to keep the fees as low as possible, then Transferwise might be the most suitable option for you. The service enables you to accept payments from your customers from any part of the world. All the transfers occur on the basis of real-time rates of exchange. Using this service is fast, easy, and simple, and you get the payment in your bank account within two to three days of getting paid. The fees charged by this service are quite low, and usually less than half of what you might need to pay your bank for the transfer of money. Another reason why Transferwise works as a good alternative is because of the exchange rates, which offer a better deal than plenty of other international payment providers, including PayPal.

  1. Google Wallet

Google Wallet PayPal Alternative

Google is a key player in the online tech space, so it kind of figures that it would have its own payment solution. And it does – in the form of Google Wallet, a quick, free, and easy way of accepting payments. The service lets you receive money from almost anyone. All you need is a phone number and the email address. Google Wallet can transfer the payments received directly into your bank.  Customers can choose between paying through a mobile app or through the website of Google Wallet. What separates Google Wallet from others in the industry is the fact that the service does not request any kind of fees from users.

  1. Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments PayPal Alternative

Shopify Payments is generally like Stripe but the thing is its mainly for eCommerce websites. Do you have an online business website? Are you a web retailer? If yes, then you might consider taking a look at the integrated payment method offered by Shopify. This is a good way to receive customer payments. Shopify is available as part of the whole Shopify eCommerce platform. This allows for a smooth and fast customer experience. This payment service can easily be integrated with third-party apps and processors. Shopify is capable of accepting payments from various international customers in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada without any additional fees. A standout feature of Shopify Payments is the fact that it is compatible with several accounting apps, which helps with easier reporting and reconciliation. While Shopify asks for a monthly fee, it has a variety of plans available for users.

  1. Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments PayPal Alternative

If you thought that the name Amazon Payments meant that you were limited to selling only on Amazon, you are wrong. This online payments system can easily be integrated in a variety of ways and allows customers to pay for services and goods using their saved Amazon account details. The Amazon branding holds plenty of value since it helps build trust with the users. Since most people are customers of Amazon, chances are that their payment details are already stored, which makes payments easier and faster. Amazon Payments also allows for one-click transactions when customers wish to buy goods. This service charges different fees for international and domestic payments. In the US, domestic payments attract a flat fee of 2.9 percent per transaction and an additional 30c for each transaction. International payments, on the other hand, have a flat fee of 3.9 percent for every transaction along with the extra 30c per transaction.

Given that so many amazing PayPal alternatives are available out there, which one do you think is going to meet your needs the best?

StartCom and WoSign –Major SSL Certificate Authorities – Banned by Google Chrome

SSL Certificates Banned by Google

Major SSL Certificates Banned by Google Chrome!

In accordance with the terms of a punishment announced by Google the previous year, the web giant has issued a statement saying that it can no longer trust TLS or SSL certificate authorities WoSign as well as its subsidiary, StartCom. This comes right before the launch of the Chrome 61. The reason for this ban? Well, according to Google, the two certificate authorities failed to live up to the high standards expected on the part of CAs.

While shocking, the move can hardly be called a surprise considering how Google was sent notifications by the security team at GitHub on 17th August last year, regarding the fact that WoSign – the Chinese Certificate Authority – had handed out a base certificate for one of the domains of GitHub to an undisclosed GitHub user without asking for any kind of authorization.

Why Google Came up with the Decision?

Once news of this problem got out, a full-fledged investigation was launched by the Google team. This investigation was to be a public one in collaboration with Mozilla and the larger security community. The investigation very soon turned up some interesting evidence regarding various other cases that involved the improper issuance of certificates on the part of WoSign.

Due to the outcome of the investigation, Google was left with no choice but to decrease the trust of certificates that were backed by StartCom and WoSign to ones that had been issued before the 21st of October last year. Moreover, the tech giant is currently in the process of removing various whitelisted hostnames across the course of different Chrome releases since the Google Chrome 56.

Now, according to the contents of a recent Google post by Devon O’Brien, a security engineer for Chrome, the company would finally be removing the whitelist from the latest release of Chrome. What this means is that Google has decided to fully distrust the present StartCom and WoSign certificates. O’Brien says that starting with Chrome 61, the whitelist is no longer going to be there, thereby leading to a full distrust of any existing root certificates by WoSign and StartCom, its subsidiary, along with any certificates that were issued by them.

According to the Chromium Development Calender, all of these changes that were implemented are going to be visible in the Chrome Dev channel within the span of the next few weeks. The Chrome Beta channel is going to showcase these changes around the later part of July 2017, while the Stable version will be reflecting these changes around the middle of the month of September 2017.

In the past year, Mozilla and Apple revoked their trust from WoSign, and it was StartCom who issued the certificates for their web browsers owing to a number of management and technical failures.

They are Backdating SSL Certificates

According to Kathleen Wilson, who is the head of the trusted root program for Mozilla, they found evidence that WoSign and StartCom were backdating SSL certificates so that they could find a way past the deadline, which prevented CAs from issuing any SHA-1 SSL certificates after the 1st of January, 2016. This is a very serious claim and could have major repercussions for the SSL Certificate authorities in the future.

That’s not all, however. It was Mozilla who also discovered that WoSign had taken full-time ownership of a different CA known as StartCom but had failed to reveal this information, despite it being mentioned clearly in Mozilla policy.

Issues with the WoSign certificate service date back all the way to July 2015, and this information was disclosed in public the previous year by Gervase Markham. According to the British Mozilla programmer, an unidentified researcher stumbled upon this security oversight by accident when he was attempting to receive a certificate for “”. He had also sent in an application for “www.ucf.ed” and WoSign had given it the approval, providing the certificate for the primary domain of the university.

To test this out, the security researcher used the same trick against GitHub based domains. He proved his control on a subdomain and shockingly, WoSign gave him the certificate for the main domains of GitHub too.

Thus, beginning later this year from the September of 2017, anybody visiting websites that use StartCom and WoSign HTTPS certificates are going to get trust warnings on their web browsers.

Smart Phone Sensors Can Be Monitored by Hackers To Steal Passwords

Hackers can Steal Password in Smartphone using Sensors

Hackers Can Monitor Your Smart Phone and Steal Sensitive Data as such PasswordS!

Are you aware of the various types of sensors present within your smartphone? What about the data that is gathered by these sensors regarding your digital and physical activities? The truth is, the current crop of cellphones all contain a gamut of sensors, including the accelerometer, proximity sensor, magnetometer, pedometer, gyroscope, microphone, camera, and NFC. But now, scientists from Newcastle University have come across the startling revelation that the very same sensors can be used by hackers to guess passwords and PIN numbers with surprising accuracy. How is this possible? Well, according to the research team, the hackers gather data from the sensors, such as the motion and angle of your cellphone, during typing.

The problem is more acute than you think because there are plenty of malicious applications and websites that access different internal sensors inside your smartphone without any kind of permission in the first place. So, even when you access a protected site over HTTPS for entering your password, it makes no difference.

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No Way to Prevent Apps from Gaining Access to Your Phone Sensor’s Data

Most of the time, smartphone applications will request your permission to access the sensors like microphone, camera, and GPS. However, in the past few years, the boom in fitness and gaming apps has led mobile operating systems to allow installed apps to allow data gathering from the various motion sensors, including the proximity sensor, the gyroscope, the accelerometer, and the NFC. However, this means that any dangerous application can utilize the data for its own negative purpose. The same goes for malicious websites.

This growing trend among mobile websites and apps to “listen in” secretly to your sensor data without your express permission can have serious consequences. It can be used for discovering a huge range of sensitive information, like physical activities, phone call durations, and even touch activities, like passwords and PIN numbers.

How an Attack Happens

The UK scientists conducted a number of tests and recorded video of an attack that collected data from almost 25 sensors present within the smartphone. The video clearly shows the malicious script gathering sensor data from an Apple device.

The scientists created a malicious JavaScript file that could access the sensors and track the usage data. This malicious script could easily be loaded onto a website or embedded within a website without the knowledge of the users. Once the user pays a visit to the rogue site or installs a malicious app, the attacker can spring into action. They begin recording whatever the victim types on their device while the malicious website or script runs in the phone’s background. The malicious script will not stop gathering data from the different sensors until it has the information required to guess the passwords and PIN. Once the right information has been identified, it is sent to the server of the attacker.

Identifying Passwords and PINs with Great Accuracy

Using the data collected from the orientation and motion sensors in 50 different devices, the researcher team was correctly able to identify four-digit PINs on their first try. While their accuracy was 74 percent at that point, it increased to 100 percent on the fifth attempt. The collected data also revealed to the scientists whether users scrolled or tapped, what part of the page they clicked on, and what was being typed on the mobile web page.

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According to the researchers, this project was nothing more than a demonstration to raise awareness about the presence of sensors within the smartphones which apps often access without your permission. There are still many vendors who haven’t included restrictions for this in the regular built-in permissions system.

In spite of the risks, when asked about the sensors that concerned them the most, respondents were more bothered by their GPS and camera than the other silent sensors. The team has forwarded the results of their findings to the major browser providers like Apple and Google. The response has been quite positive so far, and some browsers like Safari and Mozilla have already taken measures to address the issue, at least partly so that users are better protected. However, the team is still hard at work, collaborating with the bigwigs within the industry to create a more effective solution.

The Top 5 Best Torrent Sites To Download Movies

Best Torrent Sites to Download Movies

5 Best Torrents Sites for Movies Download

If you are looking for websites for utorrent/bittorrent downloads or any kind of torrent peering program you have then you have come to the perfect place! Here’s our best list of torrent sites available for anyone! Midway through 2017, the torrent equation stands a little twisted. Authorities have cracked down hard on torrent sites and some people have even been to jail. So where are we headed now? Is the torrent world still moving? Or are we down on hope?

As it turns out, there are still plenty of torrent websites that are going hail and hearty in a web full of checks and blocks but few are best for new movie torrents espicially hollywood movies. Check these ones out:

  1. The Pirate Bay

The king of torrents, The Pirate Bay is as old as the grey world of the internet. It has somehow managed to keep the authorities at bay for the longest time. And things do not look any dim for the site even now. They are placed at an Alexa rank of 116. The site has had a quite 2016 and has seen a somewhat rehashed popularity in 2017. At the moment, they are going strong with their original extension (.org).

  1. Extratorrent

Extratorrent rose on the tormenting circuit when people were looking for an alternative compiler that would support Torrentz. As a result, Extra Torrent was launched to humongous popularity. As more and more mid-size torrent sites keep adding their lists to Extra Torrent, its popularity is poised to only grow from here, provided it manages to keep the authorities at bay. The active community at ET keeps the chat going and is also a major reason for their continued success.

  1. RARBG

Not many know about this unconventionally popular torrent site called RARBG. It originally started as a tracker from Bulgaria. If you have been looking up other torrent sites regularly enough, chances are that you have already seen a RARBG torrent file somewhere of the other. While the site was founded way back in 2008, it did not receive sufficient traffic for the first few years, owing to the high competition from other torrent sites. In 2015, RARBG made it to the top 10 torrent sites for the first time.

  1. YTS.AG

If you feel that YTS.AG is in any way affiliated with either YIFY or the YTS group, you could not be more wrong about this. YTS.AG is a powerhouse on its own that burst on the scene when it received rapid views last year and started uploading fast files that users always found interesting. At the moment, YTS.AG would be among your first five choices quite naturally. However, YTS.AG has been on the receiving end of “brand hijack” allegations as not many torrent sites are happy with its rise.

  1. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is the quasi-official replacement for the official site that shut itself down voluntarily in the summer of 2016. However, it is pretty open about the fact that it has no official relation to the former search engine, albeit the look and feel of the former site have been cloned with rigour. Aggregating torrents from over 60 sites, Torrentz2 is the place to be if you are looking for an improved version of the experience that its late doppelganger was famous for.

Torrent sites listed above are not just for movie download. You can also download movies, games, download your favorite music! Cool software like adobe Photoshop, Microsoft office, operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8 and much much more!

[Method] Generate Real Debit Card Numbers that Works

Real Debit Card Numbers

Easily Generate Valid Debit Card Numbers

On this tutorial, we will show you how you can easily generate valid real debit card numbers that works in less than a minute. Debit cards are just like credit cards that you use on purchasing items on your local store or over the internet. However, the difference is that debit cards use the money that is linked to your bank account balance. You cannot make any purchases if you do not have a balance on your bank account.

The debit cards generated from this tutorial are 100% Valid debit card numbers with fake details. However, the debit cards generated are not capable of making purchases because we do not have an actual bank account link on. The sole purpose of this debit card generator is you to get the idea of debit card generation and data processing. You can also use these debit card numbers for verification purposes that ask sensitive information such as credit card debit card numbers.

Start Generate Real Debit Card Numbers

  • First visit
  • You will be redirected to a website where you can generate valid fake credit card numbers
  • Hover, to debit card generator page
  • Click on the Generate button
  • Each time you click “Generate” you will get a new Debit Card details.
  • Note that the debit card generate are only VALID

The best thing with this generator is it comes with Name, Security details such as 3-digit CVV, Card origin, and address. Very cool right?

Using the you can also generate valid Visa credit card numbers, Mastercard, Discover Card, JCB and American Express valid credit card numbers. All 100% Free and Valid for everyone to use. These credit card numbers can also be acts as Virtual Credit Card Numbers of VCC.

You can also use their credit card checker live tool that easily checks and validates your credit card numbers. On this way, you can check if you really have working credit cards. The credit/debit card validator uses the rule formula of Luhn Algorithm and Mod10 number series.

[GET] Bloons Supermonkey 2 APK + Mod Unlimited Blops!

Bloons Supermonkey 2 Full Version Apk Free Download

Download Bloons Supermonkey 2 APK + Modded Version with Unlimited Blops!

Get the latest Bloons Supermonkey 2 Apk Full Paid version plus the modded version with unlimited money on this game they are called Blops and red and blue blops you can gain this blobs by playing the game normally and shooting that balloons! But today you will not be collection those blops to upgrade your character because we will give to you this moded apk version of Bloons supermoney 2 that has already tons of red and blue blops!

Yes, that’s right no need to wait and collect those coins while you play and upgrade your arsenal without the hard work. You  can easily upgrade your character by installing this Bloons Supermoney 2 modded apk version. Just click on the download button below and install the app.

Download Full Version Apk + Modded Apk

Download Bloons Supermoney Modified Apk and Normal paid Apk version

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Bloons Supermonkey 2 Unlimited blops

We used the blops to upgrade our character to the maximum level! And our blops hasn’t even gone down to 50%.

Bloons Supermonkey 2 Mod Apk

Bloons Supermonkey 2 Apk Full Version

Bloons Supermoney 2 according to Google Play Store. Endless legions of colorful bloons in outlandish shapes and patterns are invading Monkey Town and only Super Monkey can stop them! Equip dozens of powerful weapons, unlock never-before-seen Super Monkeys, and use dozens of screen-clearing power-ups to pop every bloon and achieve a perfect diamond ranking.Endless legions of colorful bloons in outlandish shapes and patterns are invading Monkey Town and only Super Monkey can stop them! Equip dozens of powerful weapons, unlock never-before-seen Super Monkeys, and use dozens of screen-clearing powerups to pop every bloon and achieve a perfect diamond ranking.

You can say that this is a Bloons Supermonkey 2 hacked version since the modifiers (people modifying apps to get unlimited resources) totally hacked the apk file to give you unlimited money! Not to mention its FREE TO DOWNLOAD!

How to Root an Android Phone or Tablet Without a Computer

How to Root Android without PC

How to Root Your Phone/Tablet Without a PC

On the past blog posts, we have shared to you on how you can root your android phone from a PC but today we are going to share an awesome guide on how you can root your android phone the easy way. The easy way is by rooting it without the use of desktop PC. All you need to have is install this cool android app and let him do the hard work.

Using this app you can easily root any kind or Android phone or tablet like Samsung Galaxy phones and root any version of Android from Gingerbread to Nougat. Are you ready? Then lets begin.

But first, make sure you have the following requirements to get started.

Why do you Need to Root your Phone?

For average user rooting your android phone is not necessary but for that heavy or curious user that want to explore more on what your Android phone can do. Some reasons involve are like the following:

  • Change your Android OS Version to the latest or later one.
  • Install apps to block ads.
  • Ability to uninstall unnecessary apps that come with the phone after you bought it.
  • Tweak startup logos and other cool stuff.
  • Rooting your Android device will give you the ability to use Game Killer App this app can hack games/apps money, gold, coins or any resources.


  • An Android device (phone or tablet)
  • Download KingRoot app for Android (After you download this app you might encounter a warning from your browser that this app is malicious and might harm your phone. This is false positive, but anyway use at your own risk) See image below.

Root android phone without PC with KingRoot

  • Up to 50% of battery.

Start Rooting your Android Device

  • After you download the Kingroot app. You may install it now.
  • Take note that if you are installing an app outside Google Playstore you will a warning about “Install Blocked” to overcome this simply click on the settings>security> and tick on the “Install from unknown sources”

Rooting your Android Phone without PC

  • The installation will begin its process.
  • After the installation, all you need to do is click on the “START ROOT” process.
  • Wait for a few minutes…
  • Done! Check out the image below.

Root Android Phone without PC

  • And that’s how you android root without a computer! To check out that your phone is truly rooted. Please install Root Checker app from Google Play Store.

You can also visit this page for a detailed the same tutorial. Rooting your Android device will give you full control over your phone or tablet and will give you extra space for expansion that normal android phone cannot do. However, a rooted Android phone will void any warranty you have on your phone. Some phone will do not support to be rooted as well.

WannaCry Ransomeware : A Cyber Threat That Took the World by Storm

Everyone Heard of WCry or WannaCry that Struck CyberSpace

Imagine how it would feel if you switched on your computer, and found yourself faced with a flashing message on the screen – a warning about a system infection. You read on and find out that in order to unlock your system [see image below], you would have to pay the amount mentioned on the screen. That sounds like a nightmare, but it is one that millions of people around the world faced when they turned on their machines on Friday, 12 May 2017. If you’re wondering what it is, the simple explanation is ransomware. The real truth, however, is a lot more complicated.

Everything You Need to Know about Wcry or WannaCry Ransomeware

How Did It All Begin?

The software was identified soon as WannaCry or WannaCry Decryptor, and according to reports, it initially started in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK before spreading throughout a massive network. The rapidness with which it was transferred was explained by experts as being possible due to the exploitation of a bug found in various Windows OS. This makes sense as most of the targeted systems were primarily users of Windows XP, the support for which was earlier terminated back in 2014 by parent company Microsoft.

Uniqueness of the Attack

Now ransomware attacks are common, and new reports come in every week. However, these were isolated incidents. What happened that day was a full-scale, coordinated attack. It followed a united, international strategy, affecting numerous systems throughout the world. There were reports of dozens of medical facilities being crippled in the UK, along with universities in China, banks in Russia, big organizations in the US, British and French automobile makers, and other businesses and infrastructure. According to the experts, nobody had seen anything of this scale before, and it is now being hailed as “one of the worst-ever recorded attacks of its kind”.

The sheer speed with which the virus spread to more than 200,000 machines across 150 countries all over the world is astounding. The payment demanded from the victims was $300 in Bitcoin.

End of the Problem

Help arrived unexpectedly from Malware Tech, a British security researcher, and blogger. The 22-year-old successfully put an end to the onslaught, although by accident. He found a “kill switch” within the software which permitted the owner of a specific web page to stop the attacks. The kill switch process is done by registering a domain that links all the attacker’s networks and changing the DNS servers, to All he had to do was pay $10 for acquiring the domain name, and he managed to end the malware threat. Experts are still trying to figure out why a “kill switch” was present in the virus in the first place.

Looking for WannaCry or WCry Patch

Even though the battle against WannaCry was successful, the war is not over yet. The virus is still undergoing rapid modifications and may mount an attack in a new form. While experts and government bodies around the world continue to work on a decryption key that will allow users to put an end to this problem once and for all, in the meantime, ransomware still is a live threat. Businesses and companies around the world have been asked to stay on high alert.

Please update your anti-virus software like Avast, McAfee, Kaspersky and even Microsoft – Kaspersky is one of the anti-virus companies that immediately reported WCry roams the cyberspace.