How Can I GPS Track A Cell Phone – FULL METHOD

how can i gps track a cell phone

So you have come here asking yourself how can i GPS track a cell phone number? Then you have come to the perfect place!

how can i gps track a cell phone

You probably have read my previous post on tracking a mobile phone’s location by just using the mobile’s phone number. Today, I am going to share another cool method on tracking a cellphone and showing the exact location of it using GPS google maps.

And no, you don’t need to install any kind of software or apps on both or your phone or the victim’s phone. This is a military grade GPS tracking method that only military has access to until today. I have been using this method personally for the past 2 years and it’s been pretty accurate tracking my wife’s location. Even let me friends use it when they want to track their lover’s location.

Is it possible to GPS track a cell phone?

The military has been using this technology already for tracking terrorist mobile activity and tracking their exact location. Ever seen one of the USA military drone firing missiles to terrorist base’s? Who knows how they can exactly pinpoint the location of the target? Maybe using this method? and why would you ask if this is possible? Why not try it yourself and see if this thing really works or not! No harm trying.

Well one thing is for sure. You are here to track a mobile phone using GPS and this method is for you. This method works by entering the victims mobile phone number and GPS tracking his/her location the exact location will be displayed on your Google map tab. And you know what great about this method? It works worldwide! Because there’s no place on earth that doesn’t have GPS satellite pointed on it.

GPS Track A Cellphone Method

So here’s the exact method on how you can GPS track a mobile phone.

mobile cell phone tracker
  • Go here on this exact website.
  • Click on the GPS Track a mobile phone
  • Enter the victims mobile phone number. Its working anywhere in the world. This method is using GPS and not internet. If there’s GPS signal then this method will likely to work 100% of the time.
Enter the victims phone number
  • After entering the victims mobile phone number click on the “start track” button.
  • A new tab will open and the process will start.
  • Note that during the process you only need to wait and do not click on anything as this will disrupt the process and may give you less accuracy.
  • After some time, a new window will pop saying the process is successful. If not, you will need to try again later as the system may have failed to access GPS satellites.
  • And there you have it, click on the live location tab and check out the blue point on the map. That’s the location of your victim. It will get constantly updated as long as the victim is locked and you haven’t closed the window yet.


GPS Tracking using just mobile phone number screenshot of the GPS tracking feature.

If the victim’s location is not automatically updating then use the side controls to update the location. It will change if the victim has changed his/her location.

How to use the side control panels?

Its fairly easy to use and just self-explanatory. On the side controls panel there are only 3 controls.

The lock feature which locks the GPS tracking on the victim’s mobile phone and automatically updating the location if the victim has changed location.

The update feature which is quite similar to lock feature but you have to manually update the location of the target.

Finally, the zoom button which zoom in the map and find the nearby details of the target.

Free Service for Now

You know what’s good on this method? Its 100% FREE. Yes! Absolutely ZERO. You only need to complete a verification process which is very easy to do. And on what exchange? The beauty of knowing the location of your love ones using just their mobile phone!

And that’s how you can GPS track a cell phone without the use of any expensive software. No need to download any kind apps from the Google Playstore. No fees to pay. This service is FREE for now. Abuse it hard. Even make a service for it and charge people for it! LOL.

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