[GET] Facebook Liker Bot v5.6 – 2015 Updated Version

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Have you ever need facebook likes for your photo, video, simple status or even on your facebook fanpage? We have been working for months on how exactly a simple people can do this, and we have successfully infiltrated with facebook API graph that generates unlimited number of LIKES on anything you wanted to get likes.

We mention it to be unlimited likes, but currently we have seen number of test subjects that can only generate 50,000 of likes per post/video/photo or facebook fanpage which we are working to get more and more.

Facebook Liker Bot v5.6 Features:

  • 100% FREE for everyone!
  • Very easy to use even kids can do this
  • Up to 50,000 of Free Likes per post/fanpage/video/status
  • Get likes on your Status, Video Post, Photo Posts, Fanpage
  • No Termination of Account
  • Free Updates and compliance with all the latest facebook updates
  • Real-Human Likes
  • Get viral in minutes
  • No content restriction
  • Multi-threaded function

Screenshots / Proofs

Facebook Liker Bot Proof

As you would check the status has been made 5 hours ago and had been generated 50,000 likes already on that short period of time. Grab this tool now before it’s too late!

Start Getting Likes Now

Just visit this amazing website on getting tons of free likes! ——-> http://likesavalanche.gethack.net/


  • Visit the website above
  • Choose you platform whether you are in Android, PC or iOS
  • Choose which facebook platform you want to get likes for. (i.e. fanpage, video likes, photo likes, status likes)

Free FB Likes

  • Just enter the URL of the platform you want to get likes for (i.e. httsp://www.facebook.com/fanpage)
  • Choose number of likes you want to add
  • Choose number of days to fully allocate the likes
  • Hit “Generate” and verify your campaign
  • Perfectly, Easy to implement!

No more buying Facebook Likes

Never buy facebook likes again because you can get them for free. Very easy to do and up to 50,000 likes in just 24 hours! What are you waiting for? Grab this now before it’s too late!

Note: If you are unable to verify using your PC please use your mobile device to access the website

Note that we have redirected our tool on www.likesavalanche.blogspot.com and you don’t need to download anything now. it’s totally for free and online-based.


Website updated from our old blogger site to our very own http://likesavalanche.gethack.net/  website. The same exact service without spending a dime on getting facebook likes! What could you ask for more? Grab this now before its too late!

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  1. i need 20,000 likes on my page but so far I only got 15,000, where are the others?
    how minute i have to waiting for?
    my english not good, sr
    thanks so much

  2. how do I verify I am human. It keeps showing ‘checking for completion’ and there is no offer on screen. so i need to use some specific browser

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