How to Check WordPress Site for Vulnerabilities

How to Secure your WordPress Site

You hate malware right? Of course everybody does. It’s not just because it can harm your visitors but it will potentially harm your website’s reputation so it’s always good to regularly check your website for vulnerabilities to avoid future headaches!

I have a website before that were penalized by Google for having my website being cloaked which I never done! But still got a manual penalization because of it and never regain the ranking again. This is really bad experience especially when you can’t do anything about it because of your lack of knowledge and money. Yes money, if you do not have the knowledge to check your website for bugs and open vulnerabilities you will hire someone to do it instead.

On this article we will show you some basic steps to get your website protected by these attackers.

Number 1

Avoid Nulled/Cracked Themes and Plugins

This is a top fact to avoid to do. Do not use or install any nulled/cracked themes or plugins on your site. These themes might have some malicious coded embedded into it which you are not aware of. The attacker will use these codes to freely enter on your site and do as he please. If you can’t afford to buy the product then don’t use it! Period.

Number 2

Install Security Plugins

Security plugins might help attackers from trying to hijack your website. Plugins like WordFence will alarm your email if someone tries to login on your WP-ADMIN dashboard it can also blocked Countries and particular IP’s. Monitor your webiste 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Very useful if you ask me.

A plugin called IQ Block Country is quiet a handy tool for blocking countries. What I like most on this tool is that it can blocked all countries from browsing your wp-admin login page and whitelist your country. This makes your wp-admin login page inaccessible on all countries but you.

Exploit Scanner plugin will help your find exploits on your WordPress themes. These exploits might be useful for attackers so basically it will help you choose the most secured theme available.

Number 3

Online Security Scanner

Online scanner like on is a very basic online scanner. It will only scan your website on the front-end not like Plugins that will check your website up to back-end. This scanner will only check if your website is Google Malware passed, javascript errors, and simple front-end security issues.

Number 4

Can’t do it yourself? Hire someone

If you can’t it by yourself there are various Security services that are awesome on what they are doing. Website like Sucuri a website anti-virus which was used by major companies around the globe offers you an unlimited scan and secured wordpress site for $99.00 per year! That’s a great time saver for a very cheap price!

If you’re websites are important for you then it’s no big deal to protect them. Keep your site secured and safe for users this will bring your high reputed profile on the online world.

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