How to Complete Verification Test

In combat with spam/bot users we have applied a simple verification test that only REAL HUMAN can actually complete and get verified to get through.

How to get verified and get through?

  • Simply choose an offer and complete it by entering your either Email Address or Mobile Phone Number.
  • Wait for the verification email or code sent to your mobile phone and enter it back to the page where it asks.
  • Wait for the page to refresh and complete.
  • That’s it!

No Offers Available on your Country/Region?

Download an install Ghost VPN or any VPN that can change your IP address. On this example I am going to use Ghost VPN.

  • After installing run the software.
  • Select USA as your country


  • Hit the Start Button


  • Wait for the connection to be established.


Now go back to the page where it asks for verification and refresh the page. You should see offer list! Since you do not have an USA mobile phone number choose an offer that asks for email address.

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  1. yaqub says:

    At last! a tutorial on how to get verified.. thanks

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    Does work

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    i need to urgently hack a persons account please help me with the offers..

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    thanks for the info!

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    Can you make a video showing how to get verified

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    Can you help me to get verification  .

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    How do I get free gems on clash of clans

  12. i need a free creditcard pls.

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    thank you… this saved my time…. I wonder why everybody was asking how to get verified their not even reading this for sure.. thanks

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    Hi i tried hacking a whatsapp account and it was successful! thank you so much. this is the only working whatsapp hacker i have found ever!

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    fonctionne comme par magie

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    Keep this going please, great job!

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