How To Get A Lot Of Subscribers On Youtube Fast

Last updated on March 25th, 2018 at 11:11 am

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Free Youtube Subscribers

UPDATE: We have published this tutorial 2 years ago and we proud to say that these method is still working meaning you can still get a lot of youtube subscribers for FREE using the methods mentioned below. Feel free to ask a question using the comment section below.

You end up going here because you either desperate to get Youtube Subscribers for Free and you do not want to spend dollars by buying Youtube Subscribers or you did everything you could to increase your subscribers count yet everything seems not really working, so today I am going to show you how to get Free Youtube Subscribers Fast.

There are various effective ways to get more Youtube Subscribers without spending a dime. One of which is spending some time earning points on social media exchange sites like by using this you must gain points by subscribing to other youtube channels in exchange you will get points which you need to gain Youtube Subscribers for your own channel.

The other thing is by using – YoutubeBlast a site which blasts your social media account with youtube views, likes, and subscribers without spending a single dollar.  Learn more everything about these methods below.

2 Ways To Get Youtube Subscribers Free

As I have mentioned there are 2 ways on this post to gain a massive amount of Youtube Subscribers.

Method 1

SocialFreeBlasts – YoutubeBlast  – This site offers not only Youtube Subscribers but Video Likes and Video Views as well without paying $$$. Read the full features below. You may call it Youtube Subscribers Hack.


  • Get 10,000-50,000 Youtube Video Views
  • Get 1000-5000 Youtube Video Likes
  • Get 1000-5000 Youtube Channel Subcribers
  • NO credits to Earn
  • One-Click Setup
  • Fast Delivery
  • 100% Free of Charge


  • Go to
  • You might share the website first to start a campaign.
  • You just need to enter your Youtube Channel URL (ex. to start gaining Youtube Subscribers.
  • If you want to gain Youtube Likes or Youtube Views just enter the Youtube Video URL (ex.
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Method 2 – Traffic exchange system. To gain subscribers you need to earn points by following others or like other videos. If you want unlimited subscribers you need to pay. Read more features below.


  • Need to earn points
  • The number of points is limited to the number or subscribers you want to gain
  • Dripfeed per day
  • Unlimited Subscribers if you pay


  • Register at
  • Gain points by using the available platforms
  • Gain at least 300 points to start getting Youtube Subscribers.
  • Spend the gained points to gain youtube subscribers

No need to Buy it when you can get if Freely

I just shared you my method on gaining Youtube Subscribers for free and the fastest way possible. You just need Google to search for something. You do not need to buy something if you can get it for free! Thanks for reading.

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