How to Get More Views on Youtube for FREE!

never buy youtube views

Need Free Youtube Views?

You are in need of free youtube views but you couldn’t find a good tool to do this instead you are bombarded of tens of thousands of website selling youtube views which you are not the ones you are looking for and you do not want to spend a couple of hundreds of dollars just to get views. Which of course you can always get for free right?

So, why buy youtube views if you can get them for free anyway? This post will be all about. Increasing youtube views is not an easy thing to do if you do not know what you are doing, of course, there’s a tool that could give you views for this task and I’ll give you two (2) tools that can increase your view count on your youtube video. Having your video tons of views may boost your channel to a wider audience since high youtube views will be high rankings on both youtube and google search results. Boost it all up by having youtube video likes and positive comments as well.

Eventually, you will gain active subscribers slowly. However, if you do not like slow in the increase of your Channel subscribers you may try doing this method on how to get thousands of active youtube subscribers the method itself is very easy to do and will require you no software to download or install.

Two Way to Increase Youtube Views

First Method

1. Social Free Blasts – Free Youtube Blast

– This is an online-based tool meaning you do not need to download anything, unlike the above tool. You can get up to 50,000 of free youtube views, youtube likes, and youtube subscribers all for FREE! Read the full features below:


  • Free to use
  • Online-based – No need to download
  • Increase view count up to 50,000 per video
  • Increase likes up to 5,000 per video
  • Increase subscribers count up to 50,000 subscribers per youtube channel
  • Multi-threaded – you can use it as many times as you want
  • Fast response up to 12-24 hours views, likes and subs will start counting


  • All OS – Windows, Mac, uBuntu, CentOS
  • All Flatform – Desktop or Mobile
  • Needs Internet

Start Getting Views, Likes and Subs




Second Method

2. 301+ Youtube Views Increaser

– This is an .exe tool which will increase your youtube views from 0 – 301+ only. What this tool does, it basically refreshes your browser and gets your views up to 301+ at max. Full features below:


  • Free to use
  • Windows-based .exe tool
  • Increase your view count up to 301+ per video
  • Fast response – increase view count in just a couple of seconds
  • Multi-threaded – You can use it 5x for 5 videos simultaneously
  • Easy to use – just enter your youtube video and click start


  • Need to be Windows OS
  • Must have .NET Framework





Remember that the tool only boosts up your video up to 301+ views this might be a good kick in the start. With zero risks this tool is remarkably nice for everyone.

Never buy Views again

With the help of the two tools above surely you will never buy youtube views again just to increase your view count. You shouldn’t buy views in the first place, though.

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  1. great information,dear admin.hope this site will be so much useful for everybody.I got 10,000 views already on my video… thanks a lot.

  2. I’m trying the 301+ increaser. It wont get my account suspended as well as my monetization with my multi-channel network, also, it is secured, right?

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