Method: Get LiveJasmin Free Credits – No Software Needed

How to get free livejasmin credits

Last updated on March 25th, 2018 at 12:02 pm

livejasmin credits

How to Get Free LiveJasmin Credits

Tired of buying LiveJasmin credits? or just don’t have the fund to do so? Any reason you got there we have the solution for you. You were searching very hard to bypass a method where you can get free LiveJasmin credits without buying it on their website and you have something on your mind that there is really a method to do this since everything can be bypassed.

Good thing we are here for you. We can basically hack the buying method and easily give you tons of Livejasmin credits, in other words, get unlimited LiveJasmin credits without spending a dime! Excited to know? Well, continue reading you will be there. The method itself is very easy thing do to. Absolutely, no techie stuff and zero software to use.

The Golden Features:

  • A very easy to use web-based application – NO SOFTWARE TO DOWNLOAD!
  • 100% FREE to use!
  • Never buy credits again!
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Safe to use Guaranteed! – Never get banned!
  • Free updates
  • Full support – simply email them using the contact details you will find here

Full Instructions

  • Simply visit or visit here to create a LiveJasmin account loaded with credits.
  • Enter your Livejasmin username in the username field
  • Choose the number of credits you want to add to your account
  • Simply click “I agree and continue” to start the process

Free LiveJasmin Credits tut1

  • Wait for it…

Free LiveJasmin Credits tut2

  • In combat with spam users, we need to put some verification tests. Just complete it and you are good to go.

Free LiveJasmin Credits tut3

  • The human Verification process is easy and free. Just enter your mobile number or email address where it asks.
  • Enjoy the unlimited credits as long as its working.


We do not ask for user password. All we need is your Username beware of websites asking for both password and username.

Now enjoy your Credits!

Now, simply sit back and enjoy watching p*rn! LOL. You can use this system over and over again until you are satisfied just remember to not abuse it as it could flag your account on Livejasmin authorities and give you a big ban hammer! No one got banned ever since using our tool just don’t abuse it to avoid red flags from LiveJasmin.

When buying real credits on LiveJasmin they normally charged $1 a credit. Here, we normally charged $0 per credit so which method you could save? Obviously LiveJasmin 😀

Don’t Get Fooled!

Don’t get fooled by websites offering the same service but with the need for a software. That software may be harmful to your PC! Not to mention that you need to give your login details such as username and password to run the tool. Using our system we don’t ask for PASSWORD only username is what we need to start giving your credits. See the difference? Glad.

More tip! Create a LiveJasmin Account Loaded with Credits!


  • 11-25-2017 – Fixed major bug upon injection of codes not enough by the requested amount of the user.
  • 1-16-2018 – Remove IP sequential process to co-inside with the Linux-based server credit generation process
  • 3-25-2018 – Livejasmin credit generator status is still working and functioning since the initial launched.

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  1. how did it work with you? ive been trying to get the hightest amount but i only getting 10$ credits.. please help thanks

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