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How To Get Pinterest Followers in 2016

On this post I am going to share to you the 2 best ways on getting REAL Pinterest Followers and of course both methods are free but may take some time to get followers though. Getting pinterest followers will not only get your pins famous but will greatly help you with your business associated with your pinterest account you may be get leads out of these followers who might know? These are real followers anyway. So first things of, you must have pinterest account of course.

Both methods I am going to share to you needs no software and they are both cost you nothing! So with zero investment is this possible? Why not try it now? It’s free anyway.

Advantage of having LOT of Pinterst Followers

Having tons of Pinterest Followers will not only get you famous you will leverage and make out of most your business on pinterest. If you are selling items and has thousands of followers you will increase your sales of course. All of these at zero investment, No bot or software to donwload! No coding skills required! So are you ready with the methods I am going to show you? Read more below.

Method 1

This method will take time but its 100% Effective!

  • Register at using this link.
  • Earn at least 300 Points.
  • If you have 300 points already click “Add Site/Page” and Choose Pinterest followers on the dropdown menu.
  • Enter your Pinterest Profile URL (ex.…
  • Enter the amount of followers you want to add on your account. The more points you have the more followers you will get!

Method 2

This method is free and 100% Effective as well. Unlike the above method you will not earn points here or follow other to get followers. This method is like magic. Read the full instructions below.

  • Visit this webite follow the link.
  • Enter your Pinterest Profile URL (ex.
  • Choose the amount of followers you want to add on your account.
  • and Click continue.
  • Verify that you are human to complete your campaign and you are good to go.
  • Wait ’til you see your followers count increase minute by minute!

So why buy if you can get them for FREE?

So why buy Pinterest followers that weren’t cheap when you can get them free of any cost? Thanks for reading this post don’t forget to “like” our page!

Method Updated 2016

Method updated on 2016 that complies all major updates on Pinterest API.

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