How to Download Facebook Videos without a Software

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Method to Download Facebook Videos

Download Facebook Videos Online

Have you ever watched facebook videos online or in their facebook app and wanted to share them to your friends by downloading and uploading it again using your own account? But, you are frustrated because you do not know on how to download them. On this tutorial I am going to show to you how you can easily download facebook videos and how to use some of the best facebook video downloader available online.

Facebook is the most used social media platform on the planet with over a billion of users and millions and millions of videos being viewed everyday from facebook alone. Millions of videos being uploaded everyday and you want to download some of those locally for future use. Now you can download them easily using both of your mobile and desktop. For more details continue reading below.

Why you Should Download Video from Facebook Locally?

  • Because you want to watch it OFFLINE.
  • Because you want to upload them using you account.
  • Because yo want to watch it later.
  • Because you just want to save things that interests you.

Methods of Downloading Facebook Videos Locally

Currently, there are two methods on downloading videos on facebook one is by using a website that downloads videos and the other is using a browser extension. Both of them works pretty great.

You can easily download facebook videos online or using a piece of script/software that noob users can easily understand or I will even show them to you how to use them. They are all free and easy to use.

1. Facebook Video Downloader Sites

Using websites that enables you to paste the URL of the Facebook Video and process the request and soon enables you to download the video locally.



  • The Video URL you want to download – You need to copy the video URL of the facebook video you want to download and paste it on the website.

Working on:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile


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How to Download Facebook Video

2. Web Browser Scripts

These scripts are only working on your desktop web browsers such as Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. These scripts will add codes locally while you are browsing facebook and watching videos thus, running the code with ease.



  • Simple understanding on how the process works you will surely get it though.

Working on:

  • Desktop


Facebook Video Downloader

Now you do not need to get frustrated on how to download your most liked video on facebook using the methods mentioned above you will easily accomplish it. Please like and share.

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