How to Fix Windows 8.1 Not Booting – Automatic Repair Not Working

windows 8 1 automatic repairHave you ever experienced having your PC not booting and the Automatic Repair Function isn’t working. You’ve waited minutes for it to repair but all you are seeing a big black screen and your mouse cursor.

You have tried many attempts to with no luck, you have no idea how to repair it and here I comes to help you about it.

Things needed:

  • Get a working Windows 8/8.1 OS Machine. Insert your USB Stick
  • Open up Create a Recovery Drive by searching it
  • Screenshot_5
  • Uncheck copy files and folder and continue creating a recovery drive
  • Wait for few minutes to continue and you are good to go.


  • First, turn of your machine.
  • Plug your USB Stick and boot your machine.
  • While loading Press F8 constantly and the Boot sequence feature will appear. Boot using the USB stick
  • And Viola! It should be working now. You should now be seeing the image below and start repairing your Windows Machine.



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