Get VPS for 3 Months for only $5 FLAT ! – By DigitalOcean


That’s right from a Premium VPS Provider DigitalOcean! Spend only no more than $5.00 and you can get a Linux VPS for 3 months! No hidden charges and blah blah blah.. Straight flat offer! You won’t regret with it’s feature itself, a Solid-State-Drive (SSD) is nothing un-regrettable offer itself. The idea is register on DigitalOcean use that link and you will get a $10 worth of coupon code all you need to do to get a VPS is add $5 on your account and viola. Read the full features below:

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VPS Features:

  • 512MB RAM
  • 1 Core Processor
  • 20 GB SSD
  • 1 TB Transfer Speed!
  • 2 TB monthly Bandwidth
  • Top-notched Support System – Get answered within few minutes!


  • Register at DigitalOcean using this Link
  • Be sure to use the link upon registration otherwise no coupon will be granted.
  • You will get $10 worth of Coupon Code
  • Add $5 on your accounts.
  • Now you have a total of $15 of hosting credits.
  • Create a VPS worth of $5/month

I am using itself, with this feature you can host medium-sized websites with no downtime. Currently, I am hosting 3 websites on my VPS which was getting 6,000+/- visitors per day without issues at all see my CPU usage below.

CPU Usage


Of course, with 6k visitors I would reached almost 100% CPU usage but the thing is I am having ZERO issues on my machine traffic keeps coming. You can even get another account if you want to and host another set of websites. Possibilities are endless make use of it until its available!

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