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Increase your instagram followers fast

Last updated on March 23rd, 2018 at 06:19 am

get free instagram followers

Easily Increase your Followers

Instagram has become a popular social platform that people are using to connect and share their content. This is working great for business owners who are maximizing on the opportunity to market their products to existing and other potential customers. However, this can be pretty challenging without a sizable followers, and this is a problem being experienced by numerous users.

Best Methods to Increase your Instagram Followers Drastically

  • Use websites that can give your Instagram followers

There are numerous websites that offers ways that you can increase your instagram followers almost instantly. On our research we have developed ways on how to do it all by yourself and without spending any money from doing it. Below are the websites that bests suits your needs.

  • http://instafastfollowers.com/ – this website claims that they can give you up to 25,000 of free instagram followers without using a software. All you have to do is enter your instagram profile username and you are good to go. We haven’t tested the system yet but since it is free why not give it a shot!.
  • http://addmefast.com/ – This is one more way to gain extra instagram followers that takes a little bit of your time by gaining some points in exchange to get some followers on instagram. We have made a details tutorial on how you can get more instagram followers using it.
instagram followers
instagram followers
  • Develop a strategy

There are a number of things that you should factor in when developing your strategy including what you are offering, the industry you are in and the target audience among others. This will ensure that you are communicating relevant content to the right people. You should then proceed to set the goals that you want to achieve, and there are tools that you can be using to measure your progress.

For you to come up with effective strategies, it is also wise to check out how your competitors are performing on Instagram. This is where you should be concerned with the kind of content they are posting, how frequently there are doing so and if they are really benefiting from the platform. This will help you to decide on what will work for you.

  • Make your account more visible

People can only follow you after accessing your account, and you should, therefore, come up with effective ways of increasing visibility. You should start by creating awareness in other social networking websites where you have adequate followers including Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. You should even consider using paid ads to make such posts more visible.
Other ways of making your Instagram account more visible include:

  • Following other users and commenting or liking their posts
  • Using hashtags that relate to your business or industry
  • Linking your account to your website, newsletters and email signature
  • Create quality and engaging content

The content that you post on your Instagram account should be original, interesting and engaging. You should ensure that the information you provide is relevant to your target audience and it is important to include clear photos or videos since plain text can be pretty boring. This will not only help to attract the attention of new followers but you will also be keeping existing users eagerly waiting for your new posts.

Timing is also pretty important to ensure that the people you are targeting will be available to check out your posts. You can easily determine the time that works better for you by posting several photos and determining the time of the day when they receive more comments or likes. You should then adjust your posting accordingly.

  • Follow other users

Instead of creating an Instagram account and hoping to get followers, you can start the networking process yourself by following potential users. You should then make them aware of your presence by commenting, liking or sharing their posts. This will move most of them to also start following you. You can even ask them for permission to repost relevant content on your account.

These are tips that you can fully adopt to gain more followers within a short time. You can analyze the results after some time to gauge your success and identify areas to improve on.

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