How to Post a blank Comment and Status in Facebook

Facebook are a really well established Social-Networking site and has approximately almost 1 Billion users. We are going to share you a trick in which you can boast to your friends. By posting a blank comment or status? Sounds nonsense right and sounds really easy thing to do. Well it’s not try posting a blank comment now and you will get an error about status being blank.

Empty Facebook Status

In Facebook, it becomes important to know what to post and when to post if you want to exude yourself as a person with high Social-networking IQ to people in Facebook. It is understandable if many of you require help in this matter and in this article we shall know when and how to post a blank status and a blank comment in Facebook.

Posting a blank status is something not all of us can do. A blank status usually signifies that the person either wants to show off that they too have learnt the ‘art’ of posting blank statuses or simply doesn’t know what to post (hence the blank). While many of you might think that this requires some sort of software (maybe that’s what your friends tell you when you ask them) but that really isn’t the case at all. Chances are the software that you downloaded is affecting your PC in a negative manner. But let’s get into the matter now. It’s time to learn how to post one and if your friends didn’t tell you how to post one, don’t worry! We will explain it for you.

Easy Instructions:

Follow these simple instructions to post a blank status for yourself.

  1. Go to your home page
  2. In the place “Whats on your mind?” type the following sequence after deleting the ‘+’ sign and press enter
  3. You should have now posted a blank status.

And when you’re friends ask you about how you did it, don’t forget to share it with them too! After all, you don’t want to become like your friends who never told you!

Now coming to a blank comment! Well, just like blank status signifies they have nothing to post at all, a blank comment signifies two things: either the person doesn’t know what to say (some may say: rendered speechless) or the person doesn’t want to say anything but make it evident that he did see your Facebook status but would like to keep himself out of it while at the same time he understands your status). A blank comment can also signify that you’re left speechless also. So let’s have a look on how to post a blank comment.

  1. Simply type the following while you make sure you’ve pressed and held the ALT key.
  2. Type 0173 (no spaces in between).
  3. The final sequence: ALT+0173 and press Enter.

Perhaps you didn’t know but this is the exact same way how you create folders with no name at all in Windows too. Just like posting blank statuses, you don’t need to download any kind of software or write any code for it. Don’t forget not to release the ALT key unless you’ve typed in 0173 completely and lastly, don’t forget to share this piece of information with your friends.
Hope this article helped you.


1-25-2016: Working and updated for 2016! 100% no bugs! Use and Enjoy 🙂

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