How to Remote Attack (FREEZE) a Mobile Phone using Desktop/Laptop

hack smartphone via internet

Last updated on April 26th, 2018 at 05:40 am

Hack smartphone via internet

Hey folks, I have received numerous emails regarding mobile hacking and the top of that, it’s remote mobile hacking meaning you don’t need physical wire attachments to hack a mobile phone, you sound it like a magic huh? Well, with the technology we have right now I beat nothing is impossible with mobile hacking especially wireless hacking. Mobile hacking becomes the center of searches since the growth of smart phones/tablets and same technology.

Now, we are going to tackle on how exactly you could hack a mobile phone wireless! Please note that this will only work on smart phones/androids/iOS/tablets and not your old model phones! LOL, alright let’s go the details follow all the steps below:

What is needed:

  • Works on smart phones only (Android and iOS)
  • Victim must be on a WIFI or DATA network in short internet is a must have!
  • Victim’s mobile phone number


Note: You can also locate any mobile phone in the planet using!

  • Download WLMobileFreezer tool or use this link – You may need to activate the tool before using the full function first. (Download link updated March 18, 2016 – Please report dead links!)
  • Choose the country
  • Enter Mobile number
  • Click start
  • Done! See screenshots below to know more!

How to Activate:

Open up WLMobileFreezer – Click Activate on the top menu bar > Get Activation Code download the activation code from the URL.

After downloading the activation code Open up WLMobileFreezer – Click Activate and > Enter Activation Code. That’s it!


android phone hacker

mobile phone hacking


mobile phone hacking


mobile phone hacker 1

The software will automatically detect mobile OS weather it’s android of iOS and will display and error if the mobile number is not in use of not a smart phone. As we speak this tool is working according to some testimonials and users have used this tool.  You may download this tool from our servers only this way you will not get any harmful viruses from other websites injected viruses.

I may end this post with a warning, please read below.


  • Use at your own risk!
  • For educational purpose only
  • No harm intended


We would like to introduce our newest Mobile Phone hacking tool which is currently supports Android Phones only. This tool enables you to remote attack any android mobile device as long as you know your victims mobile number.

Read more the details using this article :

Quick Features:

  • Read Messages and Call logs
  • Download Files on the File Manager App (both SDCard and Phone Memory)
  • Track GPS
  • and more…

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  1. I can not activate the product. After participating so many promotions, all I got this –


    Tried to translate in Google, but no luck. Could you please send me an activation code via email or tell me how to do it. Thanks.

  2. My friend was laughing at me, at first i didnt know what they are laughing at then i checked out their monitor and their! they are hacking accounts and using this! This is purely illegal!

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