Hoe te blokkeren Facebook Website van op uw computer

hoe to facebook vanaf het netwerk te blokkeren

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Hello fellas, so today I am going to share you a very simple method on blocking Facebook website or https://www.facebook.com on your computer. Goed, not yours but on your son’s, daughter’s, wife’s, student’s computer because you want them to focus on something and not posting status, photos and commenting someone’s photo or status on Facebook.

Blocking facebook website on all browsers and all kinds of PC without buying a software may come techie thing to do but There are several FREE ways to do this what I am going to share is from the easiest to not so easy tricks. Feel free to comment below if you do not understand any of this but I’m sure you won’t since they are very easy.

Methode 1.

  • Vereisten: Windows Type Operating System (XP, ramen 8, 8.1), All browsers
  • Pros: Blocks http://www.facebook.com, www.facebook.com, m.facebook.com en facebook.com
  • Cons: This method cannot block https://www.facebook (https protocol). See below for blocking with https.
  • effectiviteit: 4 van 5

1. Go to Drive C : > ramen > System 32 > Drivers > Etc



2. Right-clickHostsfile and open withNotepadnow you will see texts just like the image below (Forget the language since it’s not in english)

hoe to facebook vanaf het netwerk te blokkeren

3. On the bottom enter the following codes. login.facebook.com www.facebook.com apps.facebook.com blog.facebook.com

Now you will see (afbeelding hieronder)

4. Save the file and close the notepad.

Nu, try browsing facebook website or http://www.facebook.com.

Notitie: This method cannot block https://www.facebook.com or https protocol facebook site. See below for blocking https protocol.

Not working? Try this second method!

Methode 2.

  • Vereisten: Any OS, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • Pros: Blocks https:www.facebook, http://www.facebook.com, m.facebook.com and all.
  • Cons: Only works with Google Chrome en Mozilla Firefox Browsers.
  • effectiviteit : 5 van 5

1. Download “Block Sitelink for Google Chrome en Mozilla Firefox

2. After Installation go to Extensions/Addons and find Block Site extension/addon click onOptionsand add https://www.facebook.com and save.

3. Try browsing facebook and you should see the image below.

For Google Chrome

For Mozilla Firefox

It will only be redirected.

That’s pretty easy right? that all. Leave comments below if you have something confusing.

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