Samsung Galaxy S7 Review, Features, Specs and Price

Samsung galaxy s7 reivew

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Ssmsung Galaxy s7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review, Features, Specs and Price

An upgrade to an already impressive handset may be a bit dull. Can just a few modifications from time to time really make much of a big difference? When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S7, it’s convincing yes. 2015’s Galaxy S6 was ace, but the recent flagship from the Korean company is much better.

It may look more robust than the iPhone 6S. It has an improved camera than the Nexus 6P and boasts of a screen that leaves all the competitors in the dust. It’s the most flawless phone I’ve ever used.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Style and design

After the huge and essentially needed improvement in design path, Samsung began to take with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge in 2015. Definitely, it’s different from HTC, Apple or Sony make positive improvements to their industrial design annually. Not to mention, that’s always the case here. Rate the Galaxy S7 next to the S6 and you’d be firmly driven to immediately pick the better is which. Honestly, this doesn’t disturb me the slightest bit. The S6 has already proved to be one of the best-looking mobile phones around, and Galaxy S7 comes after. Both the front part and back are coated with Gorilla Glass 4, and a metal rim snakes in the middle. A pair of volume control keys lay on one side, with a lock/standby power up the other. It’s has a thoroughly clean appearance, with the backside clear of any markings except for the Samsung logo. 

Samsung Galaxy s7 Caamera

The camera lens sits close to the flush with the glass body too. This would seem a small update; nevertheless, it creates a significant difference. I am now able to type out an e-mail with the phone flat on my desk without it bouncing and rocking from side to side.   There is one significant design change on the back – the edges now curve ever exactly like they are on the larger Galaxy Note 5 this makes a major change to how the Galaxy S7 looks. Although the S6 felt difficult and rigid, the Galaxy S7 slips very softly into my palm. It’s much more ergonomic and helps make picking it up off a flat surface less difficult.

And way the ends almost melt into the glass only looks damn awesome

It’s an absolute fingerprint magnet, however, after a couple of minutes of usage , the whole back ends up being a grubby mess that requires wiping down with a microfiber cloth .
Included also, is the Nano SIM tray, which holds a microSD slot, plus a microphone. The bottom part houses the headphone socket, an additional microphone, a speaker and a mini USB port for charging.

The speaker is amongst the few missteps concerning this phone. It’s downward-facing, is easily blocked by my palms every time I am playing a video-game. This sounds tinny and distorted at high volume. Evidently, front-facing speakers weren’t built-in so the screen surround may be kept minimal, but it’s nonetheless a big disappointment where a speaker sounds this bad.
To tell the truth, USB–C is much more of a complication than assistance at the least. You can’t utilize any of the cables you’ve acquired over time also it doesn’t have faster charging. This may suggest the S7 isn’t quite so of future oriented.

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The face just as before has a clean look. The protracted home button is still positioned under the display and juts out ever so minimally, instead of being concave like the iPhone’s. Personally, this is a helpful feature – it is actually much better pressing the Galaxy S7’s home key than the iPhone 6S’s.

Encased inside the home button there is a fast and reliable fingerprint sensor that matches the iPhone 6S’s for speed, but it’s marginally more slowly than the Nexus 6P’s. That variation is minimal, yet, it is one thing you could only notice if you have the two next to each other. There is certainly no flap, there’s no additional thickness and no extra space between the display and glass.

Just what exactly does an IP68 rating indicate?

Considerably, you’ll have the feature which enables you to dip the Galaxy S7 into 1m of water for up to 30 minutes without damaging the phone. It’s well known a cliché that mobile phones get slimmer and lighter year after year, nonetheless that isn’t the situation with the S7. It’s a little bit thicker in comparison with its earlier model and possesses a pleasant weight to it. It is actually dense and too expensive; however, it is not as fragile as you’d expect to see from a mobile phone with glass on the front and back. I dropped it about 4 feet onto a hard floor and it lived through without having any damages.

Samsung has stuck with the exact same 5 .1-inch display, there’s the Galaxy S7 Edge if you need anything bigger, and it’s delightful to enjoy a flagship phone that is this compact and hold. It’s practically the same size as the iPhone 6S, which has only a 4 .7-inch display screen, and then top-end phones from Huawei, LG and Google .

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Display

Samsung Galaxy s7 Display

The display is in close proximity to perfection. That’s the simplest way to describe the display on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 .Not much has actually changed from the outgoing S6, but yet this still holds up as the best screen on a Smartphone. It’s still a 5 .1-inch QHD panel with a 2560 x 1440 resolution, and similar to every Galaxy flagship up till now, it utilizes Samsung’s Super AMOLED tech, instead of the more common LCD.


With so many pixels stuffed into a comparatively compact space signifies that you can’t really spot one pixel from another, and that sharpness makes everything right from gaming to watching video films an absolute pleasure.

The design has totally changed with the addition of a new ‘Always-on’ display. On account of the way AMOLED screens function, they don’t need to illuminate the whole display at all times. They are able to choose individual pixels and simply display them, keeping whatever else off. Subsequently, when the Galaxy S7 is locked it is still able to display the time, date and other details on the screen without eating through too much battery power. It’s a good touch and perfect for instantly checking the time when the phone is sleeping on the desk or a bedside desk. Additionally, I would like much more control over the mode. There’s no adjustment to regulate the brightness, causing some challenges when you’re in a darker room and besides selecting whether you would like a calendar displaying , there’s no personalization allowed .

It works with extra battery too. Around 1-2% per hour, which means that 15% or more each day? It’s worth it, though it could be so much better. My gripe with the display on the Samsung Galaxy S7 is usually that in sunny conditions , it is usually difficult to read  absolutely much more than the LCD panel on the iPhone 6S .

Price: $669 .00 – Get Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Now!

Priced of course way less then and outdated iphone.

Key Features

  • 5 .1-inch , quad-HD display
  • 3 ,000mAh battery
  • Android 6 .0 .1 Marshmallow
  • 12MP camera
  • 5 .1-inch, quad-HD display
  • Fast and wireless charging
  • MicroSD
  • Exynos 8890 processor
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • 5MP Selfie camera
  • 4GB RAM


  • Great camera experience
  • Glorious display
  • Stunning looks
  • MicroSD slot and IP68 water resistance
  • Fingerprint magnet


  • Poor speakers
  • TouchWiz still has some quirks
  • No adjustment to regulate the brightness

Overall Experience:

There’s is no doubt this phone is a beast at 4gig ram this one is surely one of the best phone out there.

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