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Social media have been a big part of everyone’s life nowadays. One of the social media that gives entertainment to the people is Instagram. Instagram is the easiest, simplest and funniest way of sharing with the public every single and memorable moment of your life through pictures. A lot of filters have been offered for you to choose with in order to make your photo look good more.

In Instagram, you can have followers on your account. Followers not just  from the same country you came from but also in different countries. It is so hard to have a lot of followers, especially when you are not popular or you do not have a name that marks on everybody’s head just like with the celebrities. And luckily, now, gives and helps you get more free Instagram followers. was made to help you increase your social media presence. This network allows you to choose or pick people that you wanted to follow, like, subscribe or even view. have been popular and been used for over 220 countries. They have been helping people have not just Instagram follower, but also Facebook posts likes, Facebook followers, YouTube Subscribe, Google+circles, Google+Post Share and more.

To get free Instagram followers using, just simply follow the instructions below.


  • Go to, – sign up by clicking the link to get free 100 points.

Get Free Instagram Followers Using Addmefast

  • Click on the register button and fill the fields. you are only requested to give your email for you to receive confirmation and a free 100 points for you to use to get started with. But before starting, make sure to read and understand T&Cs.
  • After registration, you may now login to your account.
  • Earn a minimum of 300 points to start getting Instagram followers. You may watch the video below on how to use the website.

Get Free Instagram Followers Using Addmefast 2

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  • To earn points you need to either like facebook pages, posts, follow people, follow someone on instagram, watch youtube videos, or like videos, share, repin pins on pinterest and much much more!..
  • After earning 300 points which will only take 5 minutes of your time. You can now add your own Instagram profile link just like the image below, choose the amount of followers you want to add. Note that you are limited only to get followers because of your points.
    • Example: You have 300 points, your CPC (cost per click) is 3, you can only get 30 followers because 3 CPC x 30 Followers = 300 points.

How to get free instagram followers fast

  • Note that you can also get facebook likes, shares, fanpage likes, followers, twitter followers, tweet retweets, Instagram likes, and much much more depends on your needs.
  • Generating tons of points is not that hard to do. Just make sure you have the accounts on the listed social media accounts to get more advantage.
  • I hope you understand that.

So, stop worrying for your sites’s or page’ presence on social media. Be known and popular, get a lot of free Instagram followers using,. Easier and faster than you ever think of. Do not waste more time thinking, register and enjoy now!

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