5 Apps that Can Record Your Android/iPhone Screens

how to record screen on android and iphone

Last updated on March 23rd, 2018 at 06:16 am

Android and iOS app to record screen video

List of Phone recorder app for android and iOS

Whether you are an iPhone or an Android user, it is intuitively simple to record the screen of your phone. All you need is a good app that will capture the face of your phone’s screen and record it for as long as you like. While the screen recording function has been in the hunt for quite some time, it was never as smooth and seamless as it is now. But it still takes some tinkering and adjustments to reach to the end of it. In this article, we will share with you some iOS and Android apps that can help record the screen of your smartphone.

1. AZ Screen Recorder (Android)

The AZ screen recorder is among the more popular screen recording apps on Android. It finds a place among the “sure fire” category of apps. As soon as you open the app, it starts recording. The moment you are done, the clip will be saved. There is no time limit, water limit or unwanted advertising.

If it is needed, the recording can be paused anytime you want. There are many tweaks and additions that can be made to complete the videos you are working on. You can always check out the free version and see its feasibility. For a more premium, ad-free experience, you just need to upgrade at $3.

2. Reflector (iOS)

The reflector software belongs to Squirrels LLC – a private software and application development company based in Ohio. The app is priced at $14.99. It has the smartest layouts you will get for a screen recording app for iPhone. These intelligent layouts are meant to minimalize distractions and send more emphasis on the screens that are being recorded. The intelligent design of the layout is totally free from distractions.

With reflector, you can immediately shift attention to a screen that matters the most to you. You can also place the spotlight on just one screen when you have connected many screens at a go. Also, you can switch easily between the devices that are emphasized. If you want to make the mirrored screen look like a cool device, you can choose one of the device frames.

3. Google Play Games (Android)

The most common notion about the free-of-cost Google Play Games is that of a place where you can view your gaming profile for free. But those willing to give all the buttons a go, have already realized that it has an inbuilt screen recording capability. It can be used with games or you could record just about anything.

Once the recording interface is active, you will have to exit out of the game. After that, you can record almost anything you want. There are aren’t many free screen recording apps that work as well as Google Play games. The app is also very simple to use. The only drawback would be that you can only record on 480p or 720p on the app.

4. QuickTime Player (iOS)

  • Price: FREE

This app is for iOS 10 laptop. It is possible to record your screen using a cable that connects your iphone to the laptop. Tutorial below.

Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac using a cable
  2. Open QuickTime player App
  3. Under the file tab select ‘New Movie Recording’
  4. Click the little arrow of the drop down menu in front of the record button, then select iPhone or iPad
  5. Click the Mic of your iPhone if you want to record sound.
  6. Click the Record Red button and save if you are done!

5. Vysor (Android)

  1. Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koushikdutta.vysor&hl=en
  2. Price: Free [upgradedable]

Vysor is a simple and free application that allows to you cast the screen of your phone to a computer with the help of USB. Right from there, you can use the device on the computer or on your screen in case you like it that way. The app does not go and record things on its own.

While the free version works quite well, you may have to shell a little bit of extra money for the best quality videos. The ad-version is available for free. The ad-free, HD versions are available in multiple options – $2 for a month, $10 for a year or $40 for lifetime. Now, that is not a bad offer at all.

Additionally you can go to google play store and search for “screen recorder” from their you will bunch of results. Or just google screen recorder google play. That same goes to iTunes Apple Store.

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