New Crypto-Currency rewards Users for Participating in DDoS Attacks

Get paid doing DDos Attack

Last updated on March 23rd, 2018 at 06:28 am

Making Money with DDoS

Get Paid Doing DDoS Attacks

There is a good opportunity for you to earn a lot of money in the coming days. This is really true and is definitely not a product of fabrication. All you need is a basic knowledge of how computers work and a little insight on hacking and computer attacks. Today is truly a modern world where money can be earn digitally. Have you heard of cryptocurrencies?

Well, this new cryptocurrency is what you will get as a reward for joining this little scheme. You will have to contribute attacks to an organized DDoS attack. Yes, you have to join a certain DDoS attacks to earn some incentives.

If you’ve heard about BitCoins, then you may have a little idea about this process. BitCoins can be gathered through mining. During the mining process, you have to look into the ledger. You have to build and maintain this massive public ledger in order to earn BitCoins. By contributing to a massive computational power, you are helping the BitCoin network stay afloat. The ledger actually consists of every Bitcoin transaction in history.

The miners make a validation of a transaction to ensure that nobody is sending BitCoins that they don’t actually have. After the validation, miners will then cover the transaction with several layers of large computational network, so it won’t get compromised.   Altogether, you are being rewarded for contributing to the massive computational power that runs BitCoins transactions. The miner makes sure that everything in BitCoin is running as they should.

However, BitCoin is also known for not using those large amounts of computational power for more resourceful purposes. The process of mining Bitcoins costs a lot of power and CPU cycles. Nevertheless, researchers have created a new line of cryptocurrency. This new cryptocurrency is known as “PrimeCoin.”Mining this cryptocurrency involves the use of computational power for multiple purposes. That computational power is not only used for validating the transactions but is also used for finding the long chain of the prime number. So it is has a more productive use of computational power since it will also help in the encryption settings and cryptography.

The hacking community is full of weird ideas that both sound scary and unsettling. We all know that hacking activities are out of the community’s norms.

However, two researchers have a new idea that might interest you. A malicious digital currency that can only be acquired through joining DDoS attacks. The attacks are directed to selected websites, which can render them temporarily unavailable for viewing as a result. It is a quite powerful attack that can cause damage to a certain company or business. The attack is done by flooding the server of a certain website with several millions of continuous requests. The length of downtime will affect the website negatively.

Introducing The DDoSCoin

The DDosCoin has been developed by Eric Wustrowand and Benjamin Vandersloot. It is actually a theoretical cryptocurrency that rewards miners for joining in DDos attacks. The miners have to unleash a large number of TLS Connections to a certain server.

The “Proof-of-DDos,” as what the developers call it, is used by DDoSCoin miners will only work with a website that supports TLS 1.2. Since half of the top million websites support TLS 1.2, miners will have no problem choosing a target website or websites.

The researchers wrote that the latest version of TLS involves the server signing a client-provided parameter during handshake and server-provided values.

That would prove that a miner has participated in a certain DDoS attack and give them rewards as a result. The researchers have also pointed out that the reward given can also be traded in exchange of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. They also noted that Bitcoins’s proof-of-DDoS does not cover other problems except defending the currency from attacks. Multiple miners must decide which domain to be targeted, according to them.

In setting up the attack, the miner can use the PAY_TO_DDOS transaction that has two arguments, which are the domain of the target website then the number of TLS connections required. These are recorded inside a database. Miners will receive DDosCoin after the transaction.

The bottom line is, DDosCoin does not exist yet. But who know in the coming days.

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