Reasons Why You Should Cover your Webcam

Mark Zuckerberg covers his webcam

Last updated on March 23rd, 2018 at 06:28 am


There are numerous reasons on why you require a webcam. It can be for serious purposes like settling business deals, talking to family members in other parts of the globe or for home surveillance. You can also use it for entertainment, such as taking photos, making videos and playing games. Many laptops now come with the webcam, and you do not have to buy them separately. If you have a PC, you will need to install one separately. Before purchasing a laptop, make sure it comes with a webcam. If you want, you can buy it separately so that you can have more control over it. You can take it off when you do not need it. Many people are not aware of the security concerns related to it. You should cover it because hackers can hack it.


Before people never thought that the mere camera could be so deadly. A hacker could be seeing what you are currently doing at the moment. Do not worry; there is a high probability that you are still invisible. You should start being careful from now so that in the future nobody can see what you are doing unless you want them. Previously, hacking into webcam was not popular and most hackers had no idea how to do it. As each day passed, it has become easy, and now it is a common problem.

After the arrival of PRISM, people cannot do what they like unless they cover the webcam. It is a method the government thought of to see what people are up to who uses the internet more often. The government has complained about it that the PRISM does not work properly, and they cannot get results from it.

How it works

You are probably wondering by now that how can someone see you without your permission. Webcams are a large part of innovation. Regrettably, just like other modern devices, hackers are misusing and exploiting them for wrong purposes. You will use it for the right reasons such as chatting with relatives in other countries but the hackers will spy on you. There are various methods to get into your system with your permission. For example, you searched for something in the search engine. You click on a website. You come across an interesting video. While you click on the big “Play” button on the video, unknowingly you are allowing hackers to turn on the webcam. There are many ways to hack. If someone knows your IP address (how to change your IP Address), your e-mail, etc. you can be in danger.

There are many famous people out there like Mark Zuckerberg who believes in covering the webcam when they do not need it. Every day new tricks are coming out, and hackers are getting more close to their bait. If you are wondering that you why would someone watch you, there are several answers. One of the common reason is that they want to put in virus and malware into your PC.

How to Stay Safe

Always cover your webcam with a tape. You can always try the software for Webcam protection. If someone is getting you’re your webcam or you turned it on, there will be a notification. We all have a hard time trusting software. Therefore, the manual way is always preferable. You can cover it up with tape. If you know someone who uses the software, you can ask for their persona opinion. Another way is to use a webcam that you connect using the USB. Therefore, when you do not need it, you can take it off and be safe. If you have already bought a built-in camera in your laptop, check if there is a light every time you turn it on. You should notice if the light is on even when you are not using the camera. It means that the camera is being used or it is on. Laptops come with options that let you turn off the camera. Use them and make sure no apps are using it. In the Control Panel, you will get the options that let you control the webcam features. You can also use webcam covers that cost around several dollars.

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  1. Nice write up. Its adviceablen to cover your cam and disable microphone too.

    Can you please give an example of sites that uses webcam to scam on it users or by just going online, I can easily be tracked via my webcam?

    Also are smart phones with front camera safe from this or we have to cover it up too?

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