Method: How to Get Paid Android Apps/Games for FREE

How to Get Paid Apps for Free

Last updated on March 23rd, 2018 at 06:52 am

How to Get Paid Apps for Free

Easily get any Android Games, Apps, Music, eBooks, Movies for FREE!

Literally, ALL that is paid that you can find in Google Play Store! Get everything you need as long as it’s in Google Play Store for FREE want to know how? Read on… Using Goolge Play Gift Card Codes which you can get for FREE with credit value that you can add on your google play account you can literally have a virtual money that only works on Google Play Store Market. Buy that app or game you really wanted without spending your own money, use google play money!

Google Play Gift Card Codes are not for free so what I am blabbering about? Well, folks actually there’s this method that you can acquire working google play codes without spending a dime which we have already provided to you just read it folks!


  • Get a Google Play Gift Code – this method is for FREE. Read here how.
  • Choose the amount or value of the card you want to generate.
  • After acquiring your Google Code which will look like the below.
  • Go to Google Play Store site and click on the “Redeem” button just like the image below.

Redeem Google Play Code

  • Enter your Google code and click on “Redeem” and wait for the process to complete.

How to Redeem Google Play Code

  • Congratulations! You’ve just received your Google Play Credit! You will see your account get credited.

Get Google Play Store Gift Code

Now, using this credits you can now buy anything you want on Google Play Market. You can generate unlimited no. of google play codes however, you are limited to get only 1 code per IP Address per day.

Remember: 1 Google Play Store Gift Code = Per day, per IP Address – visit for more info

These card codes will expire in some days because they have expiration dates, However you can easily forged this expiration date and make it unlimited expiry when you “tick” the button and removes the expiration date of the card on site while generating your google code.

Example of apps and games you can buy using these credits:

Pay real money no more because these credits will be your money at least on Google Play Store!

Please do not abuse the system as it may easily get patched by google. Generate only what you need and don’t try to sell these codes. If you saw someone selling our codes please report it to us by going to the contact us page located just above.

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