Tutorial: Download en installeer de Google Play Store APK-bestand

Download en installeer de Google Play Store Apk

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Download en installeer de Google Play Store Apk

For some very unusual situation you have lost or accidentally uninstalled the Google Play Store App on your android device which is the mother of all apps because without this you cannot download and install hundreds of amazing apps. Goed, I am here to save you a$$. Download Google Play Store apk file using the link below along with the older versions.

Download Google Play Store Apk

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Maak een notitie: The higher the version number the latest the app has been updated!

and you are good to go

Installing Google Play Store

This method is very easy to implement wont take a lot of time. After downloading the desired Google Play Store apk version you are now ready to install it. Needs a little trick though but don’t worry we will teach you how to bypass this part. Lees verder…

  • Make sure you enabled Install from Unknown Sources if not please go to instellingen > Veiligheid > and check theUnknown Sources . Don’t be alarmed if you enable this feature this is simply a method where you can directly install apps without using the Google Play Store.

Install from Unknown Sources

  • Find the downloaded apk file usually located at Downloads folder on your phone and tap on the Google Play Store Apk File and Click on Install. You may get some kind of warning that the file can harm your device just ignore it and continue
  • Now you will get informed that the file has been successfully installed. You are now ready to use Google Play Store.

Install Google Play Store

  • Zeer makkelijk toch?

and that’s how you download and install your Missing Google Play Store app on your android device. Did you like this post? Like and Share!


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