Tutorial: How to Gain Access to Blocked Websites

Get access on country and isp blocked websites

Last updated on March 23rd, 2018 at 06:18 am

Access Blocked Websites

Easily Gain Access to Websites that are Blocked

So, you got yourself blocked from a website because you are doing something that are against their terms or your school blocked the website or the certain website is nationwide blocked by your country just like China did to Facebook, Youtube and more… but that wont stop you from gaining access to those websites again and do your thing. Luckily you have us so you can now solve your problem by using the tutorials below and successfully unblocked the website you want to browse freely.

You can easily unblock blocked websites without the use of any difficult to understand tutorials as we will break down everything here just for your convenience.

Why are you Blocked and How to Unblock Yourself?

There are numerous reasons why you are blocked on certain website and ill break them down below and on this step you might actually solved your problem.

  • You are using a dynamic IP Address that was previously been blocked – If you are using a dynamic IP Address most likely the previous owner of the IP Address has been blocked.

The solution – would be turn off your modem for 10 seconds and then turn it on. But before you do that check your IP address (ex: first and take note of it. You can achieve it by visiting what-is-my-ip-address websites and then start turning off your modem and turn it on again and visit the what-is-my-ip-address websites again and check your IP Address if it was changed. Then try browsing on the blocked website if that solved your issue. If not then proceed to the other methods.

  • You are Visiting a Country Blocked Website – there are a ton of countries that blocked a ton of websites.

The solution – your best bet if use a VPN or a private virtual network that can change your IP Address internally on your system and make it look like you are a visitor from other country-that have not blocked the particular website. You can even choose which country you want to visit from. Here is an in-depth tutorial on how you can change your ip address easily without a software and with the use of powerful VPNs. This is the best method I can bet on to visit a blocked websites without a fuss

  • Your PC is not working properly – and has blocked certain websites.

This is a very common problem among PC users. You have just installed a new software or a browser extension and now you cannot visit certain websites. This happened on me once when I have installed a browser extension and realized that I cannot longer any visit certain websites.

The Solution: This can often fixed by running your Anti-virus/anti-malware software. If that doesn’t fixed your problem then you have to uninstall the software that you previously installed. But that doesn’t still fixed your problem then you might want to consider using the “System Restore” windows feature.

End Note

There are numerous reasons why you are blocked on a certain website. All the method listed above are your best bet to unblocked a blocked website. However, the best method I can recommend is the use of a VPN – this method is most of the time is the solution you are looking for.

You can also view more methods here http://askmeguide.com/10-surefire-ways-to-view-blocked-sites-online/ to view blocked websites easily.

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