Everything You Need To Know About Li-Fi

Everything you need to learn about LI-FI

Last updated on May 28th, 2020 at 03:53 am

Everything You Need to Know about Li-Fi

The WIFIs Ultimate Upgrade – the LIFI or Light Fidelity

LI-Fi or light fidelity the definition is what exactly is the name is. This technology uses Light to transfer data – using your common LED light bulb you can now transfer of up to 244 Giga bit of data per second! Now your ordinary light bulk isn’t just a light bulb anymore.

Li-Fi was invented by the University of Edinburgh Professor Herald Haas. Haas did his researched for 4 amazing years built the first Li-Fi company that provides Light Communication Technology.

Li-Fi Versus Wi-Fi

Basically, these two technologies share the same uses. They aim to provide wireless communication electromagnetically. The only difference is that Wifi uses radio waves to transmit data while the Li-Fi uses as we have mentioned a light specifically an LED light bulb.

Another difference is that Li-Fi is so much faster than Wi-Fi about 300x faster than the current Wi-Fi routers available. It boasts a total of 224 GPBS of transfer speed.

Li-Fi Big Disadvantage

Yes, Li-Fi has a big disadvantage over the Wi-Fi. Li-Fi uses light to transfer data right? So if there’s no light then there’s no transmission of data being done. In other words, you cannot use Li-Fi if you are not directly in sight of the light bulbs effective radius of range.

No light then basically there’s no internet if you are using Li-Fi. Imagine if you are on your bed and wanted to use the internet but then you cannot use it because you need to turn on the lights. Wi-Fi should be a practical use.

Additionally, Li-Fi cannot pass through walls because again it’s using light to transmit data.

It’s not all sad you know. Remember the speed of 224 Giga bit per second? That should wipe your tears and forget its disadvantages. Good luck looking for the internet service provider that offers that speed though. LOL.

Let’s just say Li-Fi is not for home use.

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