Meet GM Bot (MazarBot) a Banking Trojan that can Access your Financial Credentials

Everything you need to know about Mazarbot

Last updated on March 23rd, 2018 at 06:51 am

GM Bot

The GM Bot or MazarBot Source Code Leaked!

The very rare GM bot or mazarbot source code that can be bought from over $500 has been leaked online by an unknown user last december 2015. The source code has been used by hundreds of advanced users for their own reference making it the popular Android Trojan for FREE with complete tutorial on how it install and use it. Someone just spoon feed fraudsters to the bottom. The bot has been modified to deffirent versions and added more advance features for greater mobile casualty.

How it has been leaked?

Why? Investagors believe that someone bought it and shared it for free just for fun just to increase his/her reputation on the forum. This bot has been investagated since 2014 by IBM. IBM reported that the source code has been leaked and shared freely by an hacking forum giving hundreds a free code that costs $500.

What’s this reputation? – if you are an avid user of a particular forum site you probably aware of reputation system a forum site offers. This gives a user a high and mighty level among other users and sometime give that user a even more capability on the forum most normal users can’t do.

What is GM Bot Can do?

Latest version of this bot can display phishing page and tricking user to unknowingly enter your credential on a particular site. It can forward phone calls and hackers can even read your SMS messages it can even lock your mobile screen. For the complete details please refer to this blog post. Below is the complete list of GM Bot features:

  • Spy on victims mobile phone
  • Delete any Data from the Infected Device without you knowing it
  • Gain boot persistence to help survive device restart
  • Send and Read your SMS messages
  • Make Calls to your contacts
  • Plague phone’s control keys
  • Infect your Chrome browser and gain access to visited sites, history, downloads
  • Change phone settings
  • Force the phone into sleep mode
  • Query the network status
  • Access the Internet by infecting your browser
  • and finally wipe your device’s storage (the most critical capabilities of the malware) as in ERASE EVERYTHING.

How to protect yourself from this Bot? or Any other Android bot…

Simply follow these simple steps on prevent yourself falling from the hackers hand. Before it’s too late check your phone now!

  • Look carefully, analysed carefully the links, emails, sms your received from unknown users.
  • Never open unknown attachments from someone – there’s a big possibility that his/her phone has been already hacked and just spreading the bot on his/her contacts.
  • Never click links your received from your SMS – there’s a big possibility that the link has masked with different URL. Example: what you read on your SMS has the text but when you clicked that link it goes to This unknown address can download automatically attachments or asks you to install some application or even give your a phishing site that asks you to enter your important credentials.
  • If you are not an advanced or a ‘not sure user’ you may need to disable the “Allow installation from unknown sources” found in your settings>security tab.
  • Install a highly reputed anti-virus from Google Play Store.
  • Avoid connecting to public WIFI hotspots.

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