PS Tutorial: How to Make 3D Flag – Convert 2D to 3D

Photoshop Tutorial

Create A 3D Flag! This tutorial basically converts a normal 2D flag image to 3D which gives more vibrant and more realistic according to your needs. On this tutorial I’ll be using Photoshop CS3 yeah right pretty old but I love this version and of course you can make yours using any version of Photoshop you have.

This is very easy tutorial complete with images and a full video.

Here is the normal flag and the result:

Final Result


  • Find your flag in my case it’s the Flag of USA
  • Find a silk like image that is distorted like this one.
  • Open up your Photoshop software.

3d Flag Tutorial

  • Select the Silk image. Click “Image” on the top menu Adjustments>Desaturate or Shortcut CTRL+Shift+U.
  • Now save the image as named as texture.psd

3D Flag Tutorial 9


  • Untick the layer visibility to make the silk image invisible on the workspace.
  • Select your Flag
  • Click on “Filter” on the top menu. Distort>Displace.
  • Make sure scales are on Horizontal:10 and Vertical:10 and click OK.

3D Flag Tutorial 3

  • Find the texture.psd you just saved a while ago.
  • Select it and click OK.

3D Flag Tutorial 4

  • Now your flag will be look like on the image below.

3D Flag Tutorial 5

  • Now, remember the Silk image you have just untick for visibility? Tick it again to make it visible.
  • Select the Silk Image and on the top selection menu change from “normal” to “hard light

3D Flag Tutorial 6

  • You should achieved the same result on the image below.

3D Flag Tutorial 7

  • Now you are Done!

In case you find it very hard to understand the context and images above I searched google and found this exactly the same tutorial but on a video.

Here’s the Video Tutorial

Thank you for passing by.

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