The 10 Best Cloud Storage Options for Everyday Needs

List of Best Cloud Storage Today

Last updated on March 24th, 2018 at 12:19 am

#2 Google Drive

Google Drive

Free User : Yes (15 GB Free Storage)

There aren’t many online services where the search engine giant Google hasn’t made its mark, the cloud storage industry being no different. In fact, with Google Drive, the company seems to be offering one of the most reliable free cloud storage services.

It allows its users to store up to 15 GB of data for completely free, which is actually a lot when compared to similar services. For most of the people out there, it may be more than they will ever need. However, it’s also to be noted that Google offers this data not just for Google Drive, but across all its platforms, including Gmail, Google Plus, and so on.

Despite this, however, it still seems to be quite a lot of storage to get to use for free. Furthermore, it also offers quite a few advanced features that allow users to manage their data in a really convenient and hassle-free way. Some of such features include:

  • Allowing users to edit their data on the platform itself, helping them avoid the hassle of doing everything all over again just for doing some minor editing work
  • Users can share only as much data as they want by simply sharing a link with people they want to share it with
  • Offers an option that enables one to allow others to work on the data stored by them

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